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Pilates Half Length Foam Roller




This 45cm foam roller is half the length of the Full Length Foam Roller. For most people, this is long enough for many uses. Foam rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education and muscular flexibility, and provide dynamic strengthening.

  • originally used to relieve muscular tension along the spine, hips, neck and shoulders
  • can be used for muscle & ITB release on the legs and therefore very popular with runners and other athletes
  • now widely used in Pilates and physiotherapy
  • helps to develop core stability through a range of seated and reclining exercises
  • standing on foam rollers may eventually cause them to distort


Code: PRROLL18

Brand: Yoga Mad

Product Weight: 0.6kg

Made In: China

Made From: Foam

Size: 45cm length x 15cm diameter

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Weight 0.6 kg
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