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Press and Testimonials

  • Yoga was wonderful with J. – everyone enjoyed it we are looking forward to it again on Wednesday evening.

    CH, Client Testimonial

  • …inspires you enough to practise every day.

  • Just a quick note to say thank you for the yoga session on Wednesday night at Portman Square, everything was organised so quickly and easily. The session seemed just right for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday for our Yoga sessions!

    CH, Client Testimonial

  • …the most rewarding and profound benefits…

  • Just to let you know that our first class with T went really well. We both thought she was excellent and are looking forward to developing our Pilates skills with her.

    FA, Client Testimonial

  • It will genuinely improve your life…

  • C was a wonderful teacher – friendly, patient and totally professional in her approach; which I imagine can’t always be easy with heavily pregnant clients!

    TJA, Client Testimonial

  • Breathe® offers a fantastic service.

  • I have no doubts about recommending C as a teacher/instructor/guide for yoga practices and studies. He is obviously extremely adept, knowledgeable, committed, and has a good way of putting points across.

    SB, Client Testimonial

  • Enjoy one-on-one tuition or group classes at home, in the office or wherever and always with high-calibre teachers.

  • Just thought I would drop you a line and say T was great – small slow steady steps towards where I am going.

    SR, Client Testimonial

  • It’s amazing how quickly you progress… my posture has improved, my energy levels have increased and I’m sleeping better too.

  • I just wanted to let you know that T…was terrific. The right combination of strength and relaxation. Even my boyfriend (a top luxury hotelier and even more picky than me, if that could be at all possible) thought he was fantastic.

    PD, Client Testimonial

  • My zero tolerance for yoga has been seriously revised – and all it took was a private session with bendy guru Robin Catto.

  • D is great, he put me back to sleep and I will be forever grateful.

    HD (insomnia sufferer), Client Testimonial

  • Why not book a yoga teacher to come to your office through Breathe®, the bespoke agency set up by husband-and-wife team Robin and Emma Catto, both respected yoga teachers…

  • I had a very good start to my day with N, a charming friendly and very understanding teacher.

    CC, Client Testimonial

  • After a personal yoga session…I was relaxed mentally…. Yoga helps you to breathe deeper and therefore to relax more… Other benefits include better posture, strength and concentration.

  • Just to let you know that D seems great and very experienced, and I think it is going to be such a positive experience for me to develop with his help in the weeks to come. Many thanks for being so helpful, so quickly!

    JK, Client Testimonial

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or someone looking for a more challenging yoga workout… a routine is tailor-made to suit you… A bespoke service which provides yoga teachers to a wide range of clients, including Madonna, Sting, Rachel Weisz, Helena Bonham Carter, Rachel Stevens and Zoe Ball.

  • C is great… the team are very happy with the class and she is professional, friendly and just a great fit for the company.

    RK, Client Testimonial

  • K has been a fabulous teacher. She has a lovely approach to the practice and her teachings have been of great benefit to me, physically and emotionally.

    JI, Client Testimonial

  • Just a quick one to pass on my thoughts as to how wonderful Z is. She is an amazing teacher and we have thoroughly loved having her here each week.

    CM, Client Testimonial

  • Last night’s class with A was absolutely fabulous. He is a marvel, truly marvellous. He was professional, punctual, his yoga was amazing and the support and instruction he delivered was awesome.

    JM, Client Testimonial

  • H is wonderful, what a lovely person and so understanding of my current yoga needs. Thank you for finding such a good fit.

    CN, Client Testimonial

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my session with J… just what I needed after the long flight. She has a lovely manner and is also skilled and knowledgeable. I felt completely exhilarated after our time together.

    CE, Client Testimonial

  • Just to say many, many thanks. A’s first lesson was hugely successful – you obviously chose exactly the right teacher for him.

    KH, Client Testimonial

  • I just wanted to say how fantastic it has been to work with T. She has been amazing. Her patience, kindness, spirituality and sensitivity have all contributed to the increased sense of calm and happiness in my life. I love working with her. Thank you so much for recommending such a fantastic teacher.

    LD, Client Testimonial

  • Many thanks for contributing to my life so meaningfully in 2012 by arranging for L to be my teacher. Although my journey has a long way to go, taking up yoga this year has made an impact many times beyond my expectations.

    DS, Client Testimonial

  • The standard of teachers that you have supplied to us has been very impressive. It’s very hard to find a decent yoga teacher in London (or anywhere), and you have supplied us with four in quick succession. Thanks once again!

    PC, Client Testimonial

  • Have meant to email for ages to say how wonderful being taught by N is. Every lesson she picks up on my mood and tailors the session to leave me feeling exactly as I want to. Having always been a yoga sceptic, I am now a total convert, cannot fit enough practice into my working day and am truly a different person than I was when I started out. She is a fantastic inspiration, and thank you for matching her to me.

    LP, Client Testimonial

  • I wanted to thank you for bringing me together with H. It has been the most wonderful experience. I have gained so much from it. You chose so well in your pairing and I will always be grateful. I could not wish for a better, more sympathetic tutor.

    CN, Client Testimonial

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