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Pilates Blue Exercise Ball – 18cm




This soft exercise ball will enhance your yoga and Pilates practice by developing strength, endurance and concentration, as well as promoting relaxation.

Made from anti-slip materials to offer excellent grip, the soft and squishy nature of this exer-soft ball will challenge your stability, making your whole body work harder, while improving your balance and co-ordination.

Aim to practise 30 reps of each exercise below, repeating on the other side where necessary.

  • hold the ball between your shins or just above the knees during supine core poses to bring an extra level of engagement for the inner thighs and abdominals
  • alternatively place underneath your lower back for extra support during core work
  • practise push-ups (or a half push-up with your knees on the floor) with one hand on the floor and the other on the ball to build strength in your shoulders and pectoral muscles
  • squat with the ball between your knees to strengthen the glutes and buttocks
  • place under the head to induce relaxation and massage sore neck muscles
  • squeeze between the thighs like a yoga block to align the knees and engage the core in setu bandhasana (bridge pose) or use as a soft support in ardha chandrasana (half moon pose)

Latex free.

The ball comes with a straw to inflate. No pump is required.

Maximum user weight: 100kg



Brand: Yogamatters

Product Weight: 100g

Made From: Phthalate free PVC

Suitable For: Yoga and Pilates

Size: 18cm diameter

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