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Five Yoga Postures to Help Alleviate Back Pain – Emma Catto

Five Yoga Postures to Help Alleviate Back Pain - Emma Catto Back pain is one of the most debilitating forms of pain that one can endure, and generates huge revenue in painkillers and doctor’s bills. However, there is hope for those who suffer back pain. In this blog I describe five postures that not [...]

Embracing the Present Moment – By Deepak Chopra™ MD

One hears a lot about the power of now and the value of living in the present. To achieve this state of awareness requires a major change in everyday life. This much is clear, but producing such change is confusing and frustrating. When people seek personal change in their lives, they often don’t get very far. [...]

Positive Psychology, Yoga, and Setting Intentions – Emma Catto

Contemporary psychology often talks about how the benefits of a positive outlook can improve mental health. Positive psychology in particular teaches us to be more optimistic and grateful in order to improve our outlook on life. However, this practice of developing a positive outlook has ancient roots. Patanjali (often dubbed the father of yoga) prescribes [...]

When is the Ideal Time to Practise Yoga? – Emma Catto

  I’m often asked about the ideal time to do one’s practice, whether that is meditation or yoga or both. Of course, there are lots of lofty and wonderful ideals. First thing in the morning when your mind is quieter and your body creakier, or before supper when your mind may need a little unjumbling [...]