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Relieve Backache With Breathe® Yoga

Relieve Backache With Breathe® Yoga

Backache can disrupt every aspect of your life, from daily activities and work productivity to your overall mood and well-being. It can lead to frustration and helplessness, and severely impact your quality of life. If you’re struggling with back pain, Breathe® Yoga offers a tailored solution that could make a significant difference. Our one-to-one yoga sessions are available in person in London and online globally, ensuring you get the personalised attention you need to relieve backache. Unlike general classes, our bespoke approach allows us to design each class to meet your specific needs. 

The Causes Of Backache

80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. It’s not always obvious what causes it but it can resolve on its own. However, poor posture, sedentary lifestyles and improper lifting techniques can lead to long-term discomfort. Stress and lack of physical activity can also contribute to the weakening of back muscles, leading to stiffness, muscle spasms and numbness. 

Research highlights the growing impact of back pain on quality of life and productivity, with millions of workdays lost each year due to the ailment. The NHS reports that back pain is a leading cause of disability in the UK, underscoring the need for effective management and prevention strategies. Yoga, when practised regularly and under the guidance of a professional, can help to relieve backache. This holistic approach not only strengthens the core and back muscles but also promotes better posture, flexibility and stress reduction, offering a path to improved spinal health.

Relieve Backache With Breathe®

Online Tutorials

Breathe® Yoga offers a series of easy-to-follow, 10-minute tutorial videos designed to target specific areas such as backache, stress relief and building mental and physical strength. These videos can be found here and allow you to incorporate yoga practices into your daily routine without requiring a significant time commitment. The videos have been designed to relieve backache and focus on gentle stretches and strengthening exercises that can alleviate pain and improve flexibility. With clear instructions and demonstrations, these tutorials provide a guided experience to help you manage and reduce back pain.

Yoga can significantly enhance your health and wellbeing, but it also comes with certain risks. Depending on your level of fitness, some poses may be too demanding and could result in personal injury, worsen existing conditions or cause damage to your surroundings. Because these videos are pre-recorded, they are designed for general use and cannot be tailored to meet your individual needs. Therefore by engaging in these sessions, you assume full responsibility for any outcomes.

Relieve Backache With Bespoke Yoga Sessions

Schedule some one-to-one sessions with a trained Breathe® instructor to address your specific needs. By discussing your particular experience of back pain, physical capabilities and previous yoga experience, we can tailor your lessons to provide the maximum benefit. We charge £85 per hour for in-person classes anywhere in London and £75 per hour for online classes globally. These sessions are not restricted to one person, so you can share your yoga experience with family, friends or colleagues at no additional cost. Our highly trained instructors specialise in many different yoga methods, allowing us toensuring we match you with the perfect instructor to help you relieve backache for good.

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Whether you’re recovering from an injury or long-term aches, personalised yoga sessions with Breathe® provide an effective solution. Our sessions are designed to accommodate all abilities, ensuring you receive the specific attention and care you need. Unlike general yoga classes, our bespoke approach focuses on the individual, providing targeted relief and faster recovery. Our experienced instructors are skilled in managing various types of back pain, offering you a specialised approach to help you relieve backache for good. Call +44 20 8452 8322, email, or complete our online contact form to book a consultation with Breathe®. 

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