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Private meditation lessons in London

Private meditation lessons in London in person and worldwide online

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Private meditation lessons in London

What is meditation?

In meditation we focus our attention on a single object, perhaps a sound, breathing, or sensations in the body, and eventually a mood or mental state.

Because our attention inevitably wanders, we use meditation to cultivate stillness, and to connect rather than escape.

Our lives happen in the present. Meditation connects us to this ever-changing moment and teaches us to experience ourselves in flow.

Meditation helps us face our experiences, suffering, and reactivity in a friendly way and can therefore help us become more resilient to stress.

Essentially, we are training our “salience network”, the part of the brain that lights up when we remember to return to the present.


Private meditation lessons in London

Meditation methods

Mindfulness meditation

This method places attention on an object such as sound or breathing. When our attention wanders, we remind ourselves to return to the present moment again and again.

With practice, the gap between our meditation practice and our day-to-day life shrinks. And gradually we begin to use our meditation experience to be more present in our lives.

Japa or mantra meditation or Transcendental Meditation (TM©)

These methods are recommended as a starting point for anyone under stress or with a very active mind.

We sit twice a day for twenty minutes and mentally repeat a mantra (a sacred sound such as OM). You can discuss your mantra with your teacher.


Visualisation invites us to focus on a mental image of something or someone. Some teachers guide you on a visual journey, which can be profoundly relaxing.

Loving kindness or Metta Bhavana meditation

This practice focuses on directing positive energy and goodwill initially to ourselves, and then to others, which helps us let go of any unhappy feelings we may be experiencing.  Click on EMMA’S BLOG for more details.

Private meditation lessons in London

Meditation in London or anywhere in the world

If you want to learn meditation in London we’ll send a teacher to your home, office, hotel, or the location of your choice. If you’re anywhere else in the world, we’ll teach you online.

We’ll tailor the class specifically for you, whether you want to practise meditation by itself, or combine it with your yoga practice (yoga postures will help you sit more comfortably), pranayama or Pilates.

Your teacher will make sure you feel emotionally safe and are physically comfortable (for example you may choose to sit in a chair).

Private meditation lessons in London

Why Choose Breathe®?

We have lots of teachers trained in many methods of meditation. Because it’s important to clarify your intention, before we choose your teacher we’ll listen to why you want to meditate and what you’d like to improve in your life, whether that’s more resilience to stress, improved sleep or relaxation, better concentration skills or deepening your spiritual path.

And remember that meditation can easily be combined with Pilates or yoga (find out more here), as in both disciplines our awareness is returned to the present moment by observing our breathing and the body’s various actions and sensations. So, whether you want to learn meditation in London, or anywhere else in the world, we’re here to help you decide which method will be most helpful for you.

Lets have a chat about the best way to get you started with all the support and professional guidance that you need.

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