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It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or someone looking for a more challenging yoga workout… a routine is tailor-made to suit you… A bespoke service which provides yoga teachers to a wide range of clients, including Madonna, Sting, Rachel Weisz, Helena Bonham Carter, Rachel Stevens and Zoe Ball.
OK Magazine
After a personal yoga session…I was relaxed mentally…. Yoga helps you to breathe deeper and therefore to relax more… Other benefits include better posture, strength and concentration.
The Ham and High
Why not book a yoga teacher to come to your office through Breathe®, the bespoke agency set up by husband-and-wife team Robin and Emma Catto, both respected yoga teachers…
Evening Standard
My zero tolerance for yoga has been seriously revised – and all it took was a private session with bendy guru Robin Catto.
Jewish Chronicle
It’s amazing how quickly you progress… my posture has improved, my energy levels have increased and I’m sleeping better too.
Sunday Express
Enjoy one-on-one tuition or group classes at home, in the office or wherever and always with high-calibre teachers.
London Living
Breathe® offers a fantastic service.
Sunday Express
It will genuinely improve your life…
…the most rewarding and profound benefits…
Harpers and Queen
…inspires you enough to practise every day.
Marie Claire