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Private Pilates lessons

Breathe® supplies Pilates teachers anywhere in London in person and anywhere in the world online. Every lesson is tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re a complete beginner, an experienced practitioner, a pregnant mum, a group of children, or you’re working with an injury or medical condition. There are different ways of practising Pilates and we can focus on just one method or blend elements of different styles. Just ask – it’s your private lesson.

  • Only £70 per hour.
  • Available anywhere in London in person and anywhere in the world online.
  • No limit on class size – bring your friends!
  • Our price is per hour NOT per person.

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We arrange hundreds of classes every month and we tailor each one to meet the needs and experience of every individual.

You tell us what you’re looking for and we select the very best match for you from our network of highly qualified, handpicked teachers.

K is a fabulous teacher. She has a lovely approach
to the practice and her teachings have been of great
benefit to me, physically and emotionally.

Why Choose Us?

Personalised not computerised.
We listen to you.

We don’t offer online booking because what’s most important for us is to talk to you personally for as long as it takes to find out what you want from your lessons and then use our expertise to match you with the teacher best qualified to help.

An automated system can’t do that.

Hundreds of classes.
All levels catered for.

We organise hundreds of private Pilates classes in London and worldwide every month for all levels and abilities from complete beginner to experienced practitioner.

We’ve been sending highly qualified fully insured Pilates teachers to clients all over London since 2000.

The secret of our success is simple: we make sure you get the best instructor by getting each one to teach US before we let them teach YOU.

Flat hourly rate.
No contracts.

Whether you’d like private 1-to-1 Pilates classes or prefer to share your learning with family, friends or colleagues, our flat hourly rate of £70 is the same for any group size wherever you are.

And there are no contracts or minimum time commitment. You can always cancel your lesson without charge as long as you give us 24 hours’ notice.

Only £70 per hour anywhere in London in person
and worldwide online

The benefits of private Pilates classes

The aim of Pilates is to restore the natural strength and structure of your body and allow it to work to its full potential with the least amount of effort.

Pilates draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western exercise regimes. It works muscles on a focused, deep level to help:

  • Strengthen the abdomen
  • Stabilise the spine and support the back
  • Develop correct postural alignment
  • Enhance flexibility

Bespoke Pilates classes when and where you want them

Would you benefit from one-on-one Pilates session, or know a group of family, friends or colleagues who are keen to learn with you?

Our teachers offer classes tailor-made for you, anywhere in London in person and anywhere in the world online, for just £70 per hour.

Contact us on +44 20 8452 8322 or for your personal Pilates consultation.

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