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The 5 Greatest Benefits Of Personalised Pilates Lessons

The 5 Greatest Benefits Of Personalised Pilates Lessons

In this fast-paced world where you might be juggling work and family life alongside hobbies and friendships, making the most of your valuable ‘me-time’ is essential. If your go-to activity is exercise, personally tailoring your workouts will maximise their impact. Breathe® specialises in bespoke classes, designed specifically for you. The benefits of personalised Pilates lessons are numerous, but all lead to increased physical and mental well-being when compared to more general sessions. 

Yoga And Pilates

With many similarities between the two practices, yoga and Pilates are often spoken about together. Both include exercises or poses that improve flexibility and balance, with a focus on deep, diaphragmatic breathing. However, there are two main differences.

  1. Yoga is grounded in spiritual philosophy. Regardless of your preferred style, there is an established, holistic system of breathing, movement and meditation, designed to unite the mind and body. Pilates was the brainchild of anatomist Joseph Pilates, who combined specific, targeted exercises to improve strength, flexibility and posture, with a primary focus on physical benefits.  
  2. When practising yoga, you usually adopt a posture and hold it for a given amount of time, before moving into a new position. In Pilates, you often maintain a particular posture whilst moving your arms or legs to challenge the core. 

Whether you’re looking to add some variety to your exercise routine, enhance your core strength, or find a workout that has been clinically shown to reduce symptoms of stress, Pilates could be the ideal solution. If you’re new to the discipline, the benefits of personalised Pilates with Breathe® will far outweigh those of a generic, busy class.   

5 Benefits Of Personalised Pilates

Improve Your Balance And Core Strength

The main focus of Pilates is to improve your core strength, but your current ability will dictate the selection of exercises you should focus on. One of the benefits of personalised Pilates is that every exercise your instructor teaches you will be selected based on your level of skill and ability. Customised sessions allow you to focus on specific areas of the body and accelerate your progress. 

Enhance Your Body Awareness

Proprioception allows us to perceive the actions and position of our body in space. By engaging in this mind-body practice, Pilates increases your proprioception, which can reduce your risk of injury and falls. Greater body awareness may also align your consciousness with hunger signals, preventing overeating. Discussing your goals with your instructor allows them to fine-tune their teaching to incorporate specific body awareness techniques throughout your sessions.     

Practise Anywhere

One of the locational benefits of personalised Pilates is that you can engage in sessions anywhere in the world. Although Breathe® only offers in-person sessions in London, our online classes are available worldwide, so you can take full advantage of our teachers’ expertise regardless of your location, planning and plan lessons in the comfort of your own home, at the office or even on holiday.

Modify Sessions As Needed

Over time, we all grow and change. In your bespoke Pilates classes, your Breathe® instructor will adapt your sessions as your circumstances change and new goals emerge. Exercises can be modified to accommodate pregnancy, injury,  or if you decide to invite a friend or family member to join your class. And unlike general studio classes, the time and day are always flexible depending on your scheduling requirements.

Blend Styles Of Pilates To Suit You

There are different styles of Pilates and each has a different feel and approach. One of the greatest benefits of personalised Pilates is the flexibilityability to try out new methods and decide which ones you like. What’s more, your instructor is always on hand to correct your technique, helping to prevent injury and optimising your experience. 

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