Lockdown is offering many of us a unique opportunity to retreat as we experience fewer worldly distractions, with no places to go to or people to meet. Perhaps in one sense it feels that our world has become much smaller. But now our inner world has a chance to become much larger.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to develop your self-practice, and we’re here to help you with that.

It may be that you’ve always wanted to try yoga, Pilates, or meditation, but have never found the time, the right guide, or the method that suits you.

In a private lesson with the right teacher you can design a sequence perfectly tailored to your particular needs and level so that you have something to practise until your next lesson. And if you like you can share the experience with your family, friends or colleagues, even if you’re not isolating with them.

Some of our students have also recorded their online sessions so that they can use them again later for reference, or to guide their practice in between lessons. With one of our students, we developed two half-hour sequences which he now practises alternately throughout the week. This approach helps both the teacher and the student focus on exactly what you need and what works for you so that your practice becomes an experience of learning and growth and gives a deep inner satisfaction.