Breathe® was born in 2000 when we (that’s me, Robin Catto, and my wife Emma) couldn’t keep up with the demand for our private yoga teaching.

How We Began

We first met in a meditation class at university and began practising yoga together in 1988. Initially we pursued high-powered careers in music and media but became disillusioned with the relentless stress. So we made a positive choice to explore a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

We went on to train in holistic massage, Thai massage and reflexology. Then we decided to explore our interest in yoga through extensive studies with teachers around the world, leading to a 15-month stay in India and South East Asia.

After qualifying as yoga teachers in India in 1997, we returned to London in 1999 after three years on the road, just in time for an explosion of interest in yoga. So we formed Breathe to offer a bespoke service sending top quality yoga and Pilates teachers to people in their homes and at work.

It’s pretty simple. We pay attention to every detail when we assess the needs of each client.

When you call us, you always speak to me (Robin) and we can talk for as long as you need to discuss everything you’re looking for. Then I’ll select the very best match for you from our network of highly qualified, handpicked teachers.

And they are excellent teachers – our clients tell us so. They offer a full range of yoga and Pilates methods and always take a flexible approach to your ability, schedule and personal needs.

Breathe® is the truly bespoke service we dreamed of. We hope it suits you perfectly.

Robin and Emma


9 Reasons why private lessons make great sense

1 – Top quality teachers at great value

It costs at least £14 to go to a 60-minute class at most good yoga centres in London. Our flat hourly rate of £70 means that for the same money, a group of just FIVE people can enjoy a class with one of London’s finest teachers without leaving home or the workplace.

2 – When and where you want us

We’ll organise a teacher to come to you at any time of day, in person if you’re in London and online anywhere else in the world.

3 – No travel headaches

No travel time and no dreaded hunt for that elusive parking space.

4 – Personalised teaching

Because yoga and Pilates are such personal journeys, to really enjoy your practice it’s important you feel totally comfortable with your teacher. Working one-on-one or in a small group allows the teacher time and space to give you their full attention and personalise the class to your specific needs.

5 – Better for your body

Working in small groups like this is safer and more beneficial because your teacher can constantly monitor your progress and energy levels and tailor the class accordingly.

6 – Flexible terms

There’s no minimum time commitment and you can cancel without charge as long as you give us 24 hours’ notice. 

7 – Combat stress

Stress-related illness is this country’s most common workplace ailment. Yoga and Pilates target the common areas of tension by helping release tight shoulders, mobilise stiff lower backs and calm stressed minds.

8 – Energise or relax

Our teachers tailor the style, level and content to achieve exactly what you need, whether that’s:

  1. Regular lessons to energise you before work or relax you at the end of a long day.
  2. A workshop or two to focus on something particular, such as back pain.

9 – Bring colleagues together

Exercising together in the workplace is an effective way to encourage group bonding and promote stress management office-wide.


Breathe organises wonderful instructors all over London to teach private classes in yoga and Pilates .

Check the postcodes below to see if we cover your area. If yours isn’t listed, we may still be able to send a teacher to your location. Please call us on +44 208 452 8322 or to find out.

BREATHE® has wonderful teachers for private yoga and Pilates classes all over London. Please check the list of postcodes below to see if we cover your area:

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Even if your postcode is not listed above, please telephone +44 (0) 20 8452 8322 or email as we may still be able to organise a teacher to come to your location.



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If you’d like more information, call 0845 458 0723 and please mention Breathe®. Or click on the logo below to visit The Healthy Holiday Company’s website.